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Why Your Automotive Repair Shop Needs a Website – 2017 Edition.

January 13, 2017

The beginning of the year marks a good time to revisit just how much your business is impacted by the quality of your online presence. In 2017, a strong web presence requires more than just a website with your contact information – as the online competition grows, you need to be more impactful in more places to earn customers’ attention.

The Importance of a Web Presence
Clutch surveyed small businesses of all types in 2016 to find out if they had a website. Of the surveyed companies, 78% had or planned on soon having a website. Because this includes all types of businesses, it’s reasonable to assume the percentage is far higher for companies selling directly to consumers.

Unfortunately, people will talk about your business online whether or not you have a website. Consumers will review your shop, talk about your service quality, and tell the world how your shop operates – and they won’t always do it accurately. A website offers shop owners an opportunity to ensure that people see a positive view of your shop, rather than only the information that reviewers post online. This is one of the major reasons that almost all businesses have websites today.

The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website
In 2015, it was important to have a mobile-friendly site because many people used their smartphones to browse the web. By late 2016, the majority of the world’s internet use was occurring on the phone.

In the US, computers are still the most common device accessing the internet, but not by much. The chart below shows that 42% of all internet usage occurs on the phone, and this is rapidly moving towards 50%. By the end of 2017, your website will be accessed mostly on mobile phones – it’s extremely important to have a mobile version of your site with a click to call button and a navigation link.

The Importance of a Social Media Presence
Facebook continues to grow. The service has grown from 130 million North American active users in 2008 to about 230 million in 2016. Over 100 people in the US and Canada log into Facebook every day.

Because it’s the primary online destination for so many people, it’s powerful for auto repair shops to have an active presence here, so users can become used to seeing who you are and what your shop does. There are over 50 million small businesses pages on Facebook trying to engage these potential customers, so if your shop isn’t there yet, you should definitely consider it!

To learn about how Repair Shop Websites can provide you with a professional, web presence that will bring you new business, give us a call at 855-219-7506 or email us at

Don’t Fall Prey to the Car Parts Delay!

January 13, 2017

How much efficiency does your shop lose while you’re waiting for parts?  For many shops, it’s a necessary evil – shops can’t simply stock every part that a car right need.  In fact, they probably don’t stuck much beyond the absolute essentials.  So how do you lose less time to the parts delay, when time means money?

Here are a few tips:

Order Local Parts Online
If your local part store offers online ordering, you should take advantage of it!  It’s not just that ordering online avoids the wait to talk to someone.  Online ordering ensures that the parts store understands exactly what it is you’re looking for.  This prevents a misunderstanding over the phone turning into an even longer delay when the wrong part arrives at your door and gets returned.  Make sure you’ve got a quick link to your local parts website on all of the computers in that are used to order parts!


Expect Great Service
Ideally, you shouldn’t be waiting more than one to two hours for locally-available parts to be delivered.  If you’re regularly waiting longer than this, talk with your parts rep about it.  Part of it may just be the need for them to understand how important this can be to your bottom line.  If you ask, they may even have suggestions on what your employees can do to help them get you the parts you need more quickly.


Build a Process around Parts
Because it’s not uncommon for a part delivery to put a job on hold, make sure you’ve got processes in place to minimize that delay, and minimize the impact it can have on your shop.  For instance, technicians should consider the likelihood that they’ll face a part delay before they put a vehicle on the lift.  If they’re likely to face a part delay, it may impact whether work is done off the lift, or if a different car goes up first.  The worst case scenario is a car without tires stuck on a lift while you wait for parts – that lift is going to be out of commission for a while!

Also, consider having a shelf easily visible to all technicians where delivered parts are placed.  This ensures that they’ll notice when their parts come in the door, and won’t be reliant on a busy service writer to let them know.

To learn about how Repair Shop Websites can help improve your business, give us a call at 855-219-7506 or email us at

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