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How to Recruit Great Technicians

September 23, 2016

For several years now, finding qualified technicians has ranked as one of the top challenges for independent repair shops. One of the most important ways to increase your pool of applicants is to build a solid job description that promotes the benefits of working at your shop. Click on the infographic below to view some of the most common workplace benefits of independent repair shops.

The Importance of Website Content

September 15, 2016

In an earlier blog post, we discussed how your website visitors will generally decide whether it’s worth staying on your page in 10 seconds or less.  If you’ve heard this before, you might be thinking that the most important things on your website are those on the screen when the website first loads – and you would be correct.  It’s imperative that customers can immediately figure out what services you offer, where you’re located and how to contact you.

You might also be thinking that there’s little value in having pages and pages of website content if people make decisions so quickly – surprisingly, that’s not accurate.  There are two major reasons it helps to have a site that is full of automotive service content.

#1 – Getting Found Online

Your customers might need your service, but they’re unlikely to hear about you until they search for auto repair shops nearby and Google returns your site. Because of this, what matters to Google is often even more important than what matters to your customers.

If a customer in Charleston, South Carolina needs their brakes replaced, they may search for “auto repair Charleston”, and your home page will be among the returned results.  But they may also search for “brake pad replacement nearby” or “squealing brakes 29401”.  In these cases, Google wants to send these customers to a page that talks about brake pad replacement, or the sound they’re having.

If your website has pages focused on providing this information, your shop’s website is going to be one of the first results returned in Google.  To truly perform its best, your site needs pages of content for any of the phrases that people search for when their car isn’t performing well.  This content is the difference between being seen occasionally in a Google search, and being seen by almost everyone that could use your services..

#2 – A Professional Image

Once people decide that your company is worth further consideration in those first ten seconds, they may go explore your website for more information.  If there are only a few short pages on the site, they may not leave convinced that you can do exactly the repair they need.  But if you go into detail on how brakes work and all of the brake repairs your shop offers, they’ll be much more likely to assume you certainly have their problem covered, and put you on their short list.

It’s important to note that potential customers might decide whether to stay on your site in 10 seconds or less, but they might not make the final decision of who to call until they do some more research.  In order to make a customer’s short list, you’ll need to pass both the “first-scan” test and have enough information about their specific problem to seem like a reputable option to get it fixed right the first time.

To learn more about what types of content you need on your site to maximize the number of leads you receive, call us at 1-866-665-1605 or email us at

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